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Rogers Music Centre (RMC) brings you over 45 years of academic knowledge and performing experience. Our dedicated team of qualified teachers/performers implements their acquired academic knowledge and performing experience to prepare you for conservatory exams and real life performing challenges.

Music Lessons and Courses

"Research has long demonstrated that musical training can provide significant mental, physical and social benefits." We recommend a minimum of six consecutive music courses (24 or 48 lessons). Each course is designed with the minimum-monthly required lessons (four or eight lessons). Extra music lessons can be purchased in addition to the minimum requirements of a course.

Courses are offered as Private lessons (one student), Guitar workshops (4–6 students), Group lessons (three students) and Band lessons (3–5 students). Lifetime members' discounted course prices are per student.

Instrument Courses

Child, Teen and Adult (age 3 and up)

Each course consists of eight 30-minute
lessons, four 30-minute lessons, or four 60-minute lessons: Private, Group or Band; minimum one lesson per week for four consecutive weeks.

Vocal Courses

Teen and Adult
(age 13 and up)

Each course consists of four 30-minute or 60-minute Private lessons, minimum one lesson per week for four consecutive weeks.